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2 Ways to Use Siser® Brick & EasyReflective™ HTV for a Gym Set

When we added Siser® Brick and Siser® EasyReflective™ HTV to our lineup, I knew I wanted to combine the two for an interesting gym combo. When you’re selling products, it's easy to get caught up in making that first sale, but when you can bundle items together for a kit, basket, or set, you can take advantage of a higher value sale from the beginning.

These two products aren’t similar at all, but they offered me unique outcomes that I was able to pair together for a completely custom look for a workout or gym set. I knew I wanted to stay simple with white Siser® Brick on a black hoodie and the EasyReflective™ on a black workout shirt.

As much as a despise running, every once in a while, I can force myself to get out and go for a run. It’s important to stay safe and visible when you are running, especially if you’re running on the street. One thing you may or may not have noticed about most running or workout gear, in general, is the reflective material used for logos, stripes, or designs on the gear.

This is something that you can incorporate into your designs with reflective heat transfer vinyl. Not only does it look great, but it’s a way to add value to your designs because now they can also help provide safety.

I chose to use a simple geometric design on both the hoodie and the performance shirt. I wanted the shirts to go together, but not match perfectly so I added my monogram to the left chest of both shirts as well.

What I Used:


Siser® Brick HTV on a Hoodie

To start, I resized my monogram/logo to be the correct size for a left chest placement on both the hoodie and performance t-shirt. Once they were sized, I moved them out of the way. Then it was time to start on the geometric aspects of the design.

For this, I duplicated the monogram and then used the knife tool to cut the outer diamond in half. I held down the shift key to ensure a straight line. Once I had one side of the diamond design, I duplicated it multiple times and aligned them the way I wanted. 


Since resizing the diamond design would have changed the thickness, I kept the size the same but again used my knife tool to splice them all at the exact same place to create the design I was going for.


I wanted this design to be a little different than your average hoodie design, so I decided to put this on the shoulder. Yes, I probably did bite off more than I could chew with this application, but heat printing pillows to the rescue! 

Once I settled on a size for this shoulder design, I mirrored my designs and sent the Brick to cut on my Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter. I used the settings Blade 6, Speed 5, Thickness 33. Siser® recommends a blade 5 but my blade was a bit dull. After doing a test cut on a blade 5, I decided to increase to a 6.

Since I was applying to the shoulder, I would need to use something to absorb the seams. Otherwise, my heat transfer vinyl wouldn’t have adhered because I wouldn’t have been able to achieve an even press. The heat printing pillow absorbed the seams and allowed me to press over the shoulder area.


Since I needed to reposition the hoodie a few different ways to press the entire design, I pressed multiple times. Siser® Brick HTV is a thick heat transfer vinyl so it can withstand the heat of multiple presses. 

While adjusting the different directions of the hoodie, I also adjusted the heat printing pillow to hit all the angles. Heat printing pillows should be a staple in your craft room or shop. You’d be surprised how often you should be using a pillow to aid in pressing.

One thing to keep in mind when using a pillow is that you will need to adjust your pressure to take into account the pillow. I always insert the pillow into the garment and test my pressure prior to putting the vinyl on the garment. 

Once I was confident that the entire design had been pressed correctly, I removed the pillow and allowed the hoodie to cool completely. Siser® Brick HTV must be peeled cold.


Siser® EasyReflective™ on a Performance T-Shirt 

After the Brick design, it was time to work on my matching performance t-shirt. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to use EasyReflective™ heat transfer vinyl to add in a safety aspect of this moisture-wicking t-shirt. Since I wanted the design to match the hoodie, I started with the same cut file. The monogram was already finished, but the geometric design needed a little adjusting.

I wanted to position this piece on the back of the t-shirt but I wanted to fit it around the collar. While I could have cut the collar piece out by hand, I knew it would be cleaner if I adjusted for it in Silhouette Studio.

So how did I go about this? First, I measured the shirt and picked a width for the graphic. Then, I downloaded the photo of the t-shirt from our website. Then I placed the geometric design in front of the t-shirt image and arranged it where I wanted to apply. 

After that, I selected an oval and shaped and sized it to match the collar. Then, I subtracted the oval from the geometric design. This cut out the collar area. From here, I could have done the same with the shoulder areas, but I figured I was capable of trimming those by hand ;) 


Once I was satisfied, I resized the geometric design to the same width I selected earlier when I measured the shirt. Then, I sent my reflective heat transfer vinyl to cut with the settings blade 3, speed 8, and thickness 6.



EasyReflective™ is easy to work with. It applies at 305º F for 15 seconds and like Siser® EasyWeed®, you can peel this product hot or cold. While my heat press was cooling down from the Siser® Brick application, I inserted my heat printing pillow into the performance shirt and adjusted my pressure. Then, I pressed both the monogram on the left chest and the back design.



After the pressing, I was left with a custom matching set of workout gear. What gets you more motivated for the gym than a great shirt that you know no one else has?!


Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Siser® Brick is a thicker HTV so its preferred-on hats, jackets, hoodies, or other thicker items.
  2. Siser® EasyReflective™ heat transfer vinyl is a great way to add value to your products.
  3. Use reflective HTV on items that you want to have increased visibility like a marathon or running shirts.


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