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4 Color Geometric Shirt | Rose Gold HTV

4 Color Geometric Shirt | Rose Gold HTV

Have you seen our new Crafty Palette we just launched? Well, it’s amazing and has some very exclusive new metallic heat transfer vinyl colors that I was just dying to use. These colors are very unique and something I’ve never really seen in HTV before. I knew I had to make something with these awesome new colors, so I ordered a new shirt and went to crafting!

For this project, I wanted a very simple design so I decided on a geometric triangle. I started with a design I had bought a print of years ago from an awesome minimalist designer that I admire. Since I was only making this shirt for personal use and not to sell, I figured this design would be great to flaunt these new metallic colors.

What I used:
• Silhouette Cameo 3
• Silhouette Studio
• Dark Grey Shirt (Amazon)
• Metallic HTV in colors: Rose Gold, Gunmetal, Pearlescent, & Arctic Green
• Silhouette Cutting Mat
• Weeder tool
• Pink Heat Press

I started by merging my design into Silhouette Studio. Once my design was merged, I traced it. Usually, after selecting my area to trace, I leave the high pass filter off but with this one, the small lines weren’t tracing as well, so I increased it to get a more defined trace.


After tracing my design, I was ready to section off parts so I could cut them in different colors. When I selected my design it was all grouped together, to change this you have to release the compound path. I right clicked my mouse and clicked on “Release Compound Path”. Now each part of the design was its own element and I could pick which elements should be compounded or grouped together.

I wanted my descending lines that got smaller to change colors as they went down, so I needed a couple of sections grouped together. I started grouping my designs by selecting the very top of my descending lines and then held down the shift key to choose about five or six more lines underneath it. Now that they were all selected, I right clicked and chose “Make Compound Path”. Now I had all the lines I wanted in that design grouped together. I proceeded to do this two more times with the smaller lines, each time choosing five to six lines. Once everything was grouped together I filled each design in with the color vinyl I was going to use, this is done with the “Fill” tool. I really like using this when I’m going to be cutting multiple colors of vinyl.


Now I was ready to cut my design! I mirrored my image and moved everything off the Silhouette Studio cutting mat that didn’t need cut. Our Metallic HTV cut settings for the Silhouette are Blade 2, Speed 8, Thickness 5. I put my first vinyl color shiny side down on my mat and loaded it for cutting! I continued this step for each color design.

While my design was cutting I got my heat press warmed up and ready. Metallic heat transfer vinyl applies at 302º F for 10 seconds. (If you’re not using a heat press, you can find the iron settings on our website under the product page toward the bottom.)

Now that my design was all cut it just needed to be weeded and then it was ready to be pressed. After weeding, I preheated my shirt for about 4 seconds to get the moisture and wrinkles out. After preheating, I pieced my designs together in the middle of my shirt, made sure it was straight and pulled my press down. I really love our Pink Heat Press because it basically does all the work for you. It even beeps when it’s done. You can peel Metallic HTV hot or cold, and since I’m very impatient, I pulled that carrier sheet back right away, haha!


All in all, I really loved using the metallic colors. They were super easy to work with and gave such a unique look to my shirt. Pretty sure metallic is my new favorite kind of vinyl! If you make something with our new metallic colors, please share it with us on our Facebook or Instagram. We really love seeing what you all make.


Until next time!

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