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5 Easy Steps to Stunning Mugs with Adhesive Vinyl Now!

5 Easy Steps to Stunning Mugs with Adhesive Vinyl Now!

Have you ever wished you had a whole room full of glitter and sparkle vinyl? Yeah, me too! I’m rather obsessed with adding sparkle when crafting. I think it adds such a fun look to sometimes plain items.


For this project, I started out with black and white camp mugs that I ordered from Amazon. My fiancé keeps telling me that I can’t bring home any more mugs, but of course, I believe he’s wrong. I’m also a grown woman who can collect all the mugs in the world if my little heart desires, haha! What better way to add to my mug collection than to create 2 gorgeous camp mugs using adhesive vinyl and my Silhouette?

For this project I used:


Step 1: The first thing I did was open up Silhouette studio and make my design. I really wanted a thick black outline so I made two separate traces. I selected the Trace icon and selected “Select Trace Area”, then I made a box around my design. After this, I clicked my choice of apply trace method which was “Trace”. This gave me the outline. 

After this, I traced the design again but this time I chose the Trace Outer Edge method, which gave me the shape for the sparkle vinyl. 


Step 2: After tracing my design, I was ready to cut out my shapes. I decided to cut the sparkle background first because it was the most fun looking piece! For foil adhesive vinyl, the cut settings in Silhouette are Blade: 1, Speed: 8, Thickness: 9. I cut out the sparkle foil first, which was a breeze to weed. Then I cut the thick black outline which was a little more detailed but not at all hard to weed. I always use a weeder tool to make it easier.

Step 3: After weeding, I laid my clear application tape on top of my thick black outline and used my Lil’ Chizler squeegee tool to really get it to stick. Remember, you want to squeegee from the center of your design out towards the edge. This helps to make sure that you have gotten any air bubbles out from under the vinyl and tape.

Step 4: Once my black outline had stuck to the transfer tape I carefully laid it on top of the foil adhesive vinyl, making sure to line everything up. Then, it was time to use the Lil’ Chizler once again, squeegeeing from the center of the layered design out.

Step 5: Now for the exciting part! Putting the design on the mug! I always make sure to clean the area I’m about to apply my design too. This time I just used some water and dried it with a paper towel. Then I applied my design carefully and used my squeegee tool to apply pressure to the design from the center out. I slowly removed my application tape and I had my design!



I really loved working on this project. I’m a bit newer to vinyl so learning about all the cool things I could achieve in Silhouette studio gave me the confidence to really start creating and having fun! I hope this blog post helps you do the same! Until next time, happy crafting!

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9/22/2017 10:53 AM
Are these dishwasher safe?
9/28/2017 2:16 PM
Christine, we do not recommend putting any vinyl in the dishwasher. No vinyl is truly dishwasher safe without being epoxied over.