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5 Favorite HTV Blanks for Baseball Season

5 Favorite HTV Blanks for Baseball Season

Baseball season is officially here and not only are you creating gear for your family, but your life is being owned by jerseys and fan gear for your customers as well! One of the best ways to make sure you get the sale instead of your competition is finding garments that your competition hasn’t. Combine those unique shirts with original designs and great prices, and you’re sure to get the sale.

We have a giant offering of blanks, all at great prices. The prices and offerings are probably better than you even expected so make sure to take a look at everything we have to offer. Some of my favorites for baseball season are raglans, t-shirts, light jackets, hoodies, and bags. Depending on where you are, the start of baseball season is still jacket season.

Here in WV, it could be winter coat season in the morning, and shorts in the afternoon, so we like to have all our bases covered when it comes to fan gear.  



Raglans are a baseball season favorite. Whether you’re decorating them for gameplay, fan gear, or practice gear, nothing says baseball like a raglan. The best part about Happy Crafters raglans is that they come in sizes for everyone in the family. 

In addition to the gorgeous colors we have available and the sizes, the prices are hard to beat! With adult sizes coming in as low as $5.42 and youth sizes as low as $4.75, there’s a lot of room for profit! Add your favorite Craft Perfect HTV or Siser® EasyWeed® to the fronts and backs of the raglans of your choice for a custom shirt your customers will love!




It’s not surprising that your number one seller is probably still a regular, run of the mill t-shirt. Everyone loves a good team or custom t-shirt. The t-shirt has been around since the 19th century, and it isn’t going anywhere.

What’s this mean for your business? It means you need to find a great supplier that can get you your t-shirts fast and cheap. What do you say to under 2 business days and as low as $1.95 each, sometimes lower?

That’s right. Happy Crafters has thousands of plain t-shirts to choose from. These come in crewneck, v-neck, cotton, polyester, hundreds of colors, every size known to man, etc. My favorite is the District Concert Tee. This shirt is soft, especially for the price and because it’s a 50/50 blend, you can use virtually any HTV you want. My go-to choice for this shirt is Craft Perfect heat transfer vinyl.



Now that you have the perfect raglan for the team mom and the perfect t-shirt for dad, its time to find a light jacket for the coaches and players! When it comes to the players, I love keeping it simple with a pullover hoodie. Grab this Port & Company Youth Fleece Pull Over for as low as $10.50!


Light Jackets

Want something a little nicer for the coach? I personally love a simple fleece pullover with a left chest logo. Add the team name and coach name to this Port Authority Microfleece for a jacket the coaches will all rave about. The best part? This microfleece comes in as low as $16.28 each!



Remember when I said we had hundreds of offerings in apparel? Bags are no different! Whether you’re looking for a tote bag for mom, a duffel bag for the kids to throw their gear in, or a cooler or lunch bag to take with you for tournament days, Happy Crafters has a bag for everything.

These are the perfect items for you to add to price lists or quotes for teams that they probably weren’t thinking of. Think about the type of things you tote with you when you go to games, snacks, drinks, books, sunglasses, sunblock, etc. Why not create adorable team bags that parents can use to carry their stuff and support the team all at once?

Duffel bags can be found as low as $5.42 and totes as low as $1.75!

So keep in mind when you’re creating team and fan gear that no matter what you are looking for, Happy Crafters has you covered. Plus, at prices you can’t beat, it’s a great idea to grab your HTV and apparel all at one place to save even more on shipping.


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