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5 Reasons to Buy Your Blank Apparel at Happy Crafters

5 Reasons to Buy Your Blank Apparel at Happy Crafters

Did you hear that we now sell blank apparel? You’re probably wondering why you should now buy your blanks with us. Well besides the obvious reason, which is that you love us. Here are my top 5 reasons as to why you should buy your blank apparel from Happy Crafters.

1) One-stop shop! You can now buy your HTV and Blanks in the same place now which means you don’t have to pay to ship at multiple sites! The same shipping charges you already pay for your vinyl is also used for your blank apparel. There is just a flat $3.95 handling fee for all blank apparel so whether you buy 1 shirt or 500 different ones, it is just $3.95!

2) Speedy Delivery – It amazes me how fast you can get your blanks now! We have warehouses all over the country and try to ship your blank apparel out of the warehouse that is closest to you. This means you can get your blank shirts in an average of 2 days!

3) Selection –We have so many choices that I keep discovering new items every day! They all come in a variety of sizes and colors. Here are some of my favorite items, and some that I’m surprised we sell!

District Made® Ladies Perfect Tri® 3/4-Sleeve Raglan

Raglans are extremely trendy and easy to sell. You can now get this super soft one for $6.40!! Plus, it comes in 7 colors!


Sport-Tek® Striped Arm Socks

Think about all the funds you can raise and all the school spirit you can show off with these bad boys! Plus, you can add some HTV to these to really customize them to your school.


Hanes® EcoSmart® - Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

These hooded Sweatshirts are great for sports teams, businesses, or even just for your personal use! They range from a size small to 3XL and come in a variety of colors.

4) Prices – We have over 50 shirts that are less than 3 dollars. Plus, on top of our already low prices, we offer tier discounts just like we do for our vinyl! If you buy 13 or more of the same shirt you save money! It doesn’t even have to be the same color or sizes!

5) Customer Service – You can now get the same wonderful customer service that you get when buying vinyl! We are here to make sure all your projects turn out to be masterpieces. You can call, email, or text us and we will answer any question you might have about our blank apparel!




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