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Creating Home Decor with HTV | Wool Pennants

Creating Home Decor with HTV | Wool Pennants

Have you ever wanted something really unique and personal for your home décor? There’s something specific you’re looking for but you just can’t find it? That’s exactly why I was thankful for my Silhouette Cameo and HTV! In the process of redoing my office, I knew I wanted something that fit my personality, was a unique mix of feminine and athletic, and wool pennants were exactly what I was looking for! I had searched high and low for some fun, light-hearted pennants that had a bit of a vintage feel. When I couldn’t find what I wanted, I decided to make my own! 

Creating a Christmas Banner with HTV & a CriCut

Creating a Christmas Banner with HTV & a CriCut

I love every chance I can get to go all out with custom decorating. One of my absolute favorite ways to do this is with cute custom banners. For a long time I was creating unique banners for holidays and events with good ol’ scissors and paper, however, I ran into two issues with my handmade paper bunting. One was that any sort of detail was super time consuming to cut out and glue down (not to mention messy!). Another was that they were fairly fragile which made them difficult to store and use again in future years.

 But I have found a solution - burlap banners and heat transfer vinyl!


Vinyl Room Decor - "Crib" Appeal

Add some color and personalization to your crib with adhesive vinyl. 

Materials I used: Happy Crafters adhesive vinyl x 2 colors 
Tools Needed: Scissors

Jazz up your crib for under $10 with DIY adhesive vinyl decals. Tutorial @diyshowoff

The Oracle brand adhesive vinyl from Happy Crafters has a grid on the back side. Using scissors, simply cut strips of adhesive vinyl to size. No v...


Decorative Holiday Candles

Christmas is right around the corner! I love taking gifts to my neighbors & friends. I love giving these holiday candles that I personalized with some Happy Crafters vinyl. They are simple, affordable & turn out beautiful. You can't go wrong with that! :)
You'll need a few supplies to get s...