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Decorating for Christmas with OraCal 631 | Removable Wall Decals

Decorating for Christmas with OraCal 631 | Removable Wall Decals

There are so many different ways to decorate with vinyl but my personal favorite is the most direct – stick it to the wall! The key to applying vinyl on your walls is what kind you use. Oracal 631 is an indoor removable vinyl that is perfect for your walls. It is less sticky than other types of adhesive vinyl so it won’t tear off your paint when it comes time to remove the vinyl! I decided to give this vinyl a chance with some Christmas decorating.


Vinyl Room Decor - "Crib" Appeal

Add some color and personalization to your crib with adhesive vinyl. 

Materials I used: Happy Crafters adhesive vinyl x 2 colors 
Tools Needed: Scissors

Jazz up your crib for under $10 with DIY adhesive vinyl decals. Tutorial @diyshowoff

The Oracle brand adhesive vinyl from Happy Crafters has a grid on the back side. Using scissors, simply cut strips of adhesive vinyl to size. No v...