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Reversible Porch Sign with Adhesive Vinyl

Reversible Porch Sign with Adhesive Vinyl

Ever since buying our house, our porch has seemed a little bare, but I hate finding a place to store large home decorations, even if we have the space for it. Knowing all of this, I knew the best thing would be to create something that had a dual purpose for our porch. I settled on a wooden reversible porch sign that featured a winter design as well as a year-round, welcome design. Now, our porch will look great all year, and I’ll never have to dig for this 6’ board in my basement. ;) 


DIY Wall Art with Adhesive Vinyl

Gold dot walls are such a fun way to change the look of a space without making a huge commitment with time or money. Of course, they can be really expensive, since some sites sell them for up to $25 for a set of 48. But you can DIY it a LOT cheaper!

Gold Metallic Adhesive Vinyl

Not bad for about $2, huh? And best of all, it ta...