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Caitlin's Cute Craft Perfect™ HTV Clutch

Are you guilty of having a “junk drawer” laying around multiple rooms in the house? How about throwing dirty brushes into your make-up case? Maybe some holiday or birthday cards you have no idea how to organize? I can be accused of all of these!

I am all about finding a product that has multiple uses and this bag has just that. Originally meant for an IPad or nook turned into a cute organizational tool for daily use! Not only is this bag great for yourself it’s also a very inexpensive gift idea for your friends for almost any occasion!

The biggest challenge I had for this project was deciding which colors I was going to choose from the NEW Craft Perfect™ heat transfer vinyl series. There are sooo many great options! Once my decision was made (and my co-worker told me I was over thinking it!) I was ready for the design process. I wanted something geometric to mimic the detail of the bag yet more simple as this was my first time using this htv. 



Being a very hands-on person I decided to create a template out of regular paper to help me visualize the size of the triangles. Once I got my proportions the way I wanted them I measured and put them in Silhouette Studio! Mirrored those shapes and in less than 10 minutes I had them printed and weeded! WHAT?! 

The application process was just as easy! I laid out my design and used the Pink heat press at 305 degrees, making sure to work around the metal button. I was very impressed with how the Craft Perfect adhered to the felt texture. 


I am very excited with the turnout of this new designed bag and can’t wait to find more ways to use it! Please share any other ideas you may have to help organize your belongings at home!!





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