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Craft Perfect Laundry Bag (with free cut file!)

Hi everyone, Elisha here! I am super excited to announce that not only do we have a new product, but that it is quite possibly my favorite vinyl I’ve ever used (and I hope it will be yours too)!



That’s right, Craft Perfect; and when I say perfect, I mean it. This stuff is so versatile that I think I may start using it for all my projects.


Whenever I’m browsing Pinterest I always see all sorts of cute laundry room décor, but what do you do when you don’t have a laundry room? Make yourself a super cute laundry bag to show off in public - that’s what! My favorite kind of decorating is both visually pleasing and informative, so because of this I love love love infographics and charts. Therefore, when designing this project, I decided to create a laundry cheat sheet to help clarify some of those confusing instructions that you’ll find on your garment tags.

This sort of tiny-text heavy design would normally make me a little apprehensive when it comes to weeding time, but the Craft Perfect saved the day! This stuff weeds better than any material I have ever used. All my tiny text came through without a problem, and after weeding 3 sheets of vinyl, I still had plenty of time to make myself a cup of tea before applying the design.




I chose to iron on this design, setting my iron to the linen heat setting (no steam!).

I then pre-heated the laundry bag and lined up my design.




After setting up my design, I began ironing by applying firm and even pressure to each section for 25-30 seconds. It’s always important to keep in mind when ironing on large designs that you need to pay EXTRA special attention to the edges so that they adhere properly.




Once finished ironing I let the bag cool before taking it for a spin (luckily it just happened to be laundry night)!



Not only am I totally in love with these colors (just look at that Neon Purple!), but check out how great this vinyl did when stretched out! Two weeks’ worth of laundry was no match for the Craft Perfect- it held its shape without any cracks or imperfections. Gorgeous.



I am so happy with my laundry bag and I am glad that I could share it with all of you! If you’d like to make this project at home, here is a cut file for you to download and try out yourself!



I can’t wait to see all the amazing things that you create with Craft Perfect. If there are any projects that you’d like to share please leave a comment here, on our Facebook page, or tag us on Instagram or Twitter!



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