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Custom Table Runner Made with HTV

Custom Table Runner Made with HTV

In my opinion, one of the best ways to transform a table setting is a table runner. It is a quick way to help you tie in your color theme, especially if you happen to change that theme every week. With little expense invested, you can choose to go more vibrant with the fabric and leave the solids to the plates so that you can reuse for year-round events. I picked up this Black & White fabric from a local fabric store for under $5 dollars a yard, and I only needed a yard and a half for my 4 top table! Since this was a more casual setting I folded my edges under, however, if you wanted to go more elegant you could serge the edge of the fabric to give a complete look.


There are plenty of other vendors to look for blank table runners, here are a few to browse through:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • IKEA

What I Used:

Since this project was just a few step process, I spent the most time with the design. Even though I kept it simple with just 3 words I ended up changing my font multiple times, I swear I could do it for hours J I decided to keep everything in lowercase to make it more playful.

For the words, I used the “text tool” in Silhouette Studio. I did have overlap with this cursive writing so before I sent it to my cameo, I right clicked and welded my design. This way my cutter read the perimeter of the text as cut lines instead of the intersecting lines. I did add a little graphic with a leaf on the right-hand side, which I took from another previous design.

I wanted my pops of color to be with the accessories so when picking out my vinyl I kept it simple with Jet Black standard HTV.  This does have a little sheen to it which added a little glam to our rustic fabric. Even though I went with just one color, you can add as many as you want! If you are layering just make sure to give your first layer only a light tack.

The 12” x 15” sheet was plenty to cut my design out of with even a little extra to use as scraps! I placed the shiny side down on my mat and made sure to mirror my image before cutting. With the “heat transfer vinyl smooth” setting selected I sent my design to my Silhouette Cameo 3, and in minutes it was ready to be applied.

Since I did not have a layered design I could press my table runner in just 1 press. My heat was set at 302 degrees for 10 seconds. Our standard HTV is a hot or cold peel so I didn’t have to wait at all to see the finished look!

There are endless options when it comes to designing a table runner. Use your favorite quote or song lyrics to make it more personal. You could even keep it simple and use a name or monogram so that you could gift it for friends. We would love to see how creative you get, so please share any ideas you have!




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