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Customize Your Beach Bag!

Whether you're lucky enough to be going to the beach this summer, or just heading to the public pool, you NEED a super cute beach bagto tote your stuff around. It doesn't have to be expensive to be adorable though! Grab your bag from last year or head to Wal-Mart to grab a new one, and then use HTV to snazz it up! Beach bags aren't any harder to apply to than anything else, but there are a couple things you want to keep in mind:

  • What is it made of?
    • All the bags I applied to are canvas, which is 100% cotton. If you're going to be buying a bag from a discount store, just check the tag to make sure it's made of something you can heat apply to. Cotton and polyester are totally fine, but be careful of polypropylene or words you don't know. If you aren't sure, just google the material and the words "melting point." If it melts under 300 degrees, don't try it. Test a little piece inside or on a corner if you're still nervous!

  • Pesky Straps
    • On the bag below, there were some straps in the way. I just shoved a folded tea towel in the pocket so I could raise the surface I was applying to the be higher than the straps. You just want to make sure that . Anything getting in the way won't give you that even heat and pressure that you need for a long lasting application.

  • Water Resistant?
    • Some higher quality bags are water proof or water resistant. Great for a day near the water, but not so great for using heat transfer vinyl. The bag should advertise if it is waterproofed in any way, but if it’s a bag you bought a while ago, just do a little test piece somewhere to see if it sticks!

Other than all that, applying to a beach bag is just like a t-shirt or anything else. I used glitter vinyl, metallic vinyl, pattern vinyl, and even did some layering with standard vinyl!


I bought all the bags you see here on, which you will need a tax ID for. Wholesale websites are a great resource for super cheap garments, so I HIGHLY recommend you get a tax ID if you are thinking about selling your creations.

If you want to make a beach bag just like mine (or anything else!) feel free to download any of the designs below! I saved them as PDFs, SVGs and Silhouette files for you :)

Download the files here!




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