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Customized Decorative Hanger

For this project I was going to Hobby Lobby to buy a precut piece of wood.  I stumbled across this gem on the clearance section pre-painted with a ribbon attached for hanging, for under $3.  Not only was it cheaper than buying the precut-out wood piece, it also saved me time in paining it!  All I needed to do was embellish it.  I wanted to turn it into a hanger for my long necklaces.  So I picked up a knob to add to the center as well.


• Precut wood piece (or piece to be embellished by vinyl)
• Ribbon (optional)
• Knob (optional)
• Vinyl
• Vinyl cutter
• Vinyl transfer paper


STEP ONE: Open up Silhouette and get your page set up.

Click on the “Page settings” button in the top right hand of the toolbar. (It is the red and black rectangles). Measure your vinyl if you do not already know the size. Adjust your settings to accommodate.

STEP TWO: Begin your design.

The options here are ENDLESS! Choose from images already provided by Silhouette, visit their online store to download new, or find an image online and create your own. To insert your graphic, click on the image to the far left of your screen that looks like an open book. This will take you to your gallery. Double click on the image you like to bring it to your design area.

*Once my design is set up, I like to fill my page and use as much of the vinyl as I can.  If you do not have other purpose for the space right away, no worries… you can cut your image out and reuse the rest another time.

: Setting up to cut your image is as easy as sending it to Silhouette Cutter.

Click on the button just to the right of the print button that looks like a printer with a paper with a red letter “A” on it.

Click on “Change Settings” and you will be brought to here where you can “change settings”…

STEP FOUR: Adjust to the correct settings on your cutter as well.

Once you have it set up correctly, line up your vinyl, Color side facing up!, and press Enter to load your vinyl in your cameo. With vinyl, you do not need a cutting mat. *Once they vinyl is loaded, you will click on “Cut Page” in your design studio. Then sit back and let the Silhouette do all the work. When you unload your vinyl, you will have something like this.

: Begin pulling back (weeding) your vinyl.

*I like to cut my page into smaller pieces to make it easier to “weed” my graphics.

STEP SIX: Cut a piece of your vinyl transfer and lay it over top of your graphic and/or text.

There are tools that can help you press your vinyl flat… but guess what?... I just used my finger nail J For me it worked just fine.  I have also seen tutorials where they have used a kitchen spatula.  For this project I also cut my phrase up into two sections.  I used the SAME transfer piece for both sections and it worked just fine.

Line up your vinyl transfer to where you would like it on your project.  At this point you will need to really use your nail to press it on, or that spatula to scrape it over.  Begin pealing the transfer paper back slowly to make sure it is sticking to the wood block.

: At this point you can add your ribbon and your knob and wa-la… you have a customized decorative hanger.

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