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DIY Leatherette Earrings with the CriCut Explore Air 2

DIY Leatherette Earrings with the CriCut Explore Air 2

I love getting to learn new kinds of things that I can make with my Cricut. Previously I wrote a blog on how to make earrings with a Silhouette Cameo but we had so many people asking about the best way to approach this craft with a Cricut. Well, fear not Cricut creators! I’ve got all the info that you need right here.


Leatherette sheets - We got ours from Etsy.

Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Cut Mat

Earring Cut File Pack


Fishhook Earrings


Time: 15 minutes

diy leather earrings cricut

In the video below I show you just how to go about using our Earring Cut File Pack in Cricut Design Space and the best way to cut leatherette. I love this cut file set because it comes with a backing layer for each individual earring design. 

The key thing to remember when cutting leatherette is to make sure that it securely adheres to your cutting mat. My favorite tip from this project is that you can secure a better hold on your material by using a part of your mat that you don’t use as often (like the bottom corner). These rarely used parts of your cutting mat will likely have a lot more stick left to them! I also recommend cutting your leatherette shiny side down and mirroring your design. The material that I used for this had a felt-like backing that would slide all over my mat every time I tried to make a cut. But once I flipped it over- voila! Cut like a charm.

leather earrings cricut

Do you have any tips for creating earrings with YOUR Cricut? Let us know in the comments! And as always feel free to reach out to us by email or social media with any questions or projects that you’d like to share!


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