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DIY Mini-Bar

The best part of making gifts in jars is that it usually goes together super quickly. This minibar in a jar idea definitely follows suit - in just a few minutes you can create a gift for those who enjoy the occasional drink. You could even create a themed minibar in a jar if you wanted to match your wedding or event.

Minibar in a jar - Main Image

This project is in partnership with Happy Crafters.

To create a minibar in a jar, you will need:

• A large jar with lid (big enough to hold several small bottles)

• 5-7 small bottles of alcohol

 Adhesive Vinyl 

• Transfer Tape

• Silhouette Machine + tools

Start with your jar (you can find them at any big box type store), along with your bottles of alcohol.

Bottles and Jar

Next, cut your image out of vinyl (you can use the free image above by clicking on it to open it up in a new window then saving it to your computer. Once saved, use this tutorial to cut the graphic out of vinyl.)

Open Bar

Next, use the pick tools to peel off all the excess vinyl, leaving just the letters. Use transfer tape by putting it over the vinyl, peel off the backing and then apply it to the jar.

Weeded Design

Working from the middle of the graphic out, use a smoothing tool to affix the vinyl onto the lid of the jar.

Transfer Tape Applied

Once it's all down, peel off the transfer tape and you're done!

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