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Free Unicorn Cut File | HTV Tote Tutorial

Free Unicorn Cut File | HTV Tote Tutorial

Unicorns are all the rage these days and quite honestly I don’t see them leaving anytime soon! I guarantee almost all kids (and adults for that matter) would love a good unicorn themed party or even an accessory that helps them stand out amongst the crowd. This isn’t any different in the craft vinyl world. Unicorns made out of HTV or adhesive vinyl and then applied to a shirt, bag, or water bottle are selling like crazy!

With the cut file already created, this project is geared towards all skill levels, but this project is perfect for beginners since the hard part of creating a file is done for you! It may be a little intimidating to do a multi-layer heat transfer vinyl design for the first time but with these short steps, we are here to show you how simple it can actually be.


Here are the materials you will need:


Let’s get crafting!

Step One: Download the Cut file

  • If you are using a Silhouette and do not have the upgraded software versions, make sure to download the Silhouette file.
  • If you are using a CriCut make sure to download the SVG file.

Open the corresponding cut file in either Silhouette Studio or CriCut Design Space.

Step Two: Cut the Vinyl

  • If you are using a Silhouette Cameo:

o    You will need to place one shape on your mat at a time (preferably in the top left corner to save vinyl). You can do this by right-clicking and holding down to move any shape you are not cutting off of your mat. You can use a scrap piece of vinyl or a full sheet but make sure to mirror your image since we are using HTV. Load the color of vinyl you wish to cut and repeat this step with each color of vinyl until all shapes are cut with the vinyl you selected! Since we used glitter HTV we made sure that this option was highlighted under material type.

 If You're Using a CriCut Explore Air 2:

o   Since the cut file you downloaded already has colors indicated, the CriCut machine is already ready to cut! Remember that the colors that you see on your screen are just visual aids so that you can see what your design would look like. Whichever color of vinyl you feed into your machine will be the color that is cut. Click the button in the top right corner called “Make it” and the CriCut will show you exactly which shape will be cut first. Load each color into the machine and make sure that your vinyl is mirrored.


Step Three: Weed your design

  • After all of your heat transfer is cut make sure to trim the excess off your sheet with scissors (a ½” border will be just fine).
  • Use your weeder tool to puncture from the corner of your vinyl and pull diagonally across. The design that you want to be pressed will be what is left on your carrier sheet.
  • Go back to your design and make sure all “cavities” are removed as well. For example part of the inner ear and eyelashes.

Step Four: Apply!

  • Start by applying the largest piece of htv on your garment first. This will help you line up the rest of your design. We started with the unicorn’s head for this project.
  • With the carrier sheet tacked down onto your garment lay the reusable cover sheet on top. Make sure you have a stable base that you are pressing on and your household iron on the linen setting. Hold down in small areas with a lot of PRESSURE and slowly move around. Key tip: this is not like ironing your wrinkles out, make sure you have enough pressure coming from the top and that there are no seams in the way.

o   You will want to stay in the same area for 30-60 seconds before moving the iron to the next are of the vinyl

  • Since the rest of the shapes are not overlapping you can lay down 2 colors at the same time to press (just make sure that your vinyl is touching the garment). Be careful not to overlap the carrier sheets. If the carrier sheet is between the vinyl and the shirt, it won’t apply.
  • Repeat until all colors are applied to your garment or bag.

We promise you that creating a multi-color htv design is not as hard as it looks. The only time-consuming part I ran into was which colors to use. Just ask the office, it took me awhile J

You can even make this design smaller and add it to smaller items as well. What else should we put this design on?

You can download the free unicorn SVG cut file we created here, but if you’re looking for more unicorns, check out the following blogs! These unicorn cut files are some of my favorite and I will be putting them on absolutely everything!


Other unicorn cut files we fell in love with!

Caluya Design:

^ This adorable unicorn is everything you look for in a unicorn SVG. It is even wearing a crown!


^ This unicorn cut file is only $1.50, and it comes complete with adorable hearts in its hair.


^ looking for something different? This adorable unicorn cut file will have the little ones in your life trying to save all the unicorns from extinction.

Kristin Amanda Designs

^ One last favorite unicorn SVG because I have to agree, unicorns are also my spirit animal. What could be better than being as magical as a unicorn?!


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