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Frequently Asked Questions

What payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit card brands as well as PayPal. We also accept cash in store.
Can I combine my reward points from two separate emails?
Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a way to combine reward points. Please email us at hello@happycrafters.com for a resolution.
How long does it take to receive my coupon code after I sign up for emails?
Typically, you will receive your discount code via email within a few minutes. If you do not receive this after a half hour, feel free to email hello@happycrafters.com so we can get that info for you!
Does your vinyl work with all cutters?
Yes! Our vinyl, both htv and adhesive can be cut with any vinyl cutter on the market. Whether you're using a Silhouette, Cricut, or a wide-format cutter, our vinyl will work.
Is your vinyl CPSIA certified?
ALL of our Heat Transfer/Iron-On Vinyl is CPSIA certified. If you need a copy of the certificate, feel free to email hello@happycrafters.com At this time, none of the adhesive vinyl (including Oracal products) is CPSIA certified. 
How do you clean craft vinyl products?
If you are working with adhesive vinyl, you will want to hand wash those items. You can wash using any standard dish liquid. If you are working with htv, we recommend washing your shirts inside out, with cold water, and drying on low.
I can't get my decal to transfer to my surface; what do you suggest?
Make sure to thoroughly clean the surface before applying. Apply the decal with a little more pressure and squeegee from all directions. Also, try peeling the transfer tape by folding it back on itself and pulling the tape off while pushing down on the decal.
How do I remove vinyl?
You can remove adhesive vinyl with either a razor blade or by using a squeegee and some elbow grease. You may have to use something like Goo Be Gone to remove the leftover adhesive. To remove htv, try finding acetone and applying it to the back of the shirt and design. You can also try reheating the vinyl and use tweezers to pull the design off. Then, reheat to burn off any leftover adhesive.
What vinyl should I use?
Should you pre-wash shirts before applying htv?
We do not recommend that you wash anything that you will be applying htv to prior to pressing. Laundering garments can actually cause problems when applying. We do recommend that you iron or heat press the shirt for a few seconds prior to applying to remove any wrinkles or moisture.