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How to Make Planner Stickers Using Your Cricut | Print & Cut Tutorial

How to Make Planner Stickers Using Your Cricut | Print & Cut Tutorial

This year I have been making an effort to balance my work life, personal life, and my own Etsy shop a little better. Utilizing and organizing a planner has helped tremendously, not to mention that I now have to opportunity to decorate it with planner stickers! Using your Silhouette or Cricut to cut stickers is an awesome way to get more use out of your cutter. For this tutorial, I will show you how to cut stickers in Cricut Design Space. 


What I Used:


Method 1: Using a Printable Sheet 

Step 1: Set Up Your File

Upload your printable file to Cricut Design Space using the Upload tab. Select “Complex” as your image type. Delete the background by simply clicking the white space!




*make sure to delete any cavities


Step 2: Load Your Sticker Paper


Load your sticker paper into your printer, making sure that it is facing the correct way. The printer I used let me load my paper facing up, however you may need to flip your paper upside down depending on yours. Test it to make sure.

 Step 3: Print

Once your image is uploaded you will click the “Make It” button to print and cut. The largest image that you can use the Print/Cut feature on will be 9.25”x 6.75”, so make sure to re-size your image if it is larger than that. Set up and select your printer from the next screen and click Print!




*Cricut will add a border to your design but don’t worry, your stickers won’t be affected by this. 

Step 4: Cut

Place your freshly printed sticker sheet onto your cutting mat face-up. Your cut settings will differ depending on the type and brand of sticker paper you are using. If you are using any Cricut brand products you can access the best settings for those by setting your Cricut to “Custom” and selecting your product on-screen. Since we are using the Silhouette brand of sticker paper we will be cutting on the “Paper –“  setting. Follow the onscreen cues to load your mat and cut your stickers.





Method 2: Design Your Own! 

As much as I love printable files, sometimes they lack exactly what it is that you may need to schedule your planner. Creating custom planner stickers is a super easy and useful skill to have in order to either make your planner that much more personal or to add one more addition to the things that you can make and sell using your Cricut!

Step 1: Text

Once you have your Canvas open, you will want to select your Text tool. Type out whatever it is that you would like your design to say and change the font in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. If your letters seem to bunch together or too far apart, play around with your Letter Space settings to get them on track.


Step 2: Add a Shape

Adding a shape behind your text is the best way to cut out a usable sticker. You can either upload a shape using the print/cut method I showed you earlier OR  use one of Cricut’s shape tools to make your own! For this example, I chose a heart out of the shape tool menu.


Step 3: Convert to Print

Next, go to your layers menu and select the colors that you would like your design to print as. Then make sure to convert your file from a CUT file into a PRINT file by selecting PRINT under your layer attribute window. You can always double check this by seeing if the icon beside of your layer shows a pair of scissors or a printer.


Once your layers are the colors you wish, you can put your design together. To get my text to appear in front of my heart I had to select “Move to Front” by clicking on the Arrange menu. Then I simply dragged my text on top of my heart. To get my design to fit my planner better I decided to change the shape of my heart by unlocking the layer and stretching it to the shape that I wanted.



Next, you will want to select both of your layers and select FLATTEN. 


This will combine your layers into one flat printable image. From here I re-sized my image to my preferred size and then used the copy/paste function to make a full sheet. Keep in mind that maximum image size that I mentioned earlier when designing your sheet. If you go over this size, Design Space will automatically try to re-arrange your sheet into multiple mats.


Step 4: Print/Cut

Once you have designed your full sticker sheet, simply click the “Make It” button and follow the on-screen instructions exactly like you would for the Printable Sheet shown during the first part of the tutorial. 


Step 5: Plan!

This might be the only tutorial that your follow where planning is the last step! Use these stickers to help you plan out the next big thing, we’ll be right there to help every step of the way. If you have any questions or just want to share some of your greatest ideas and aspirations, send us an e-mail at or reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram.


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2/24/2019 3:30 PM
What font did you use for the meditate sticker??