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How to Store HTV & Adhesive Vinyl

How to Store HTV & Adhesive Vinyl

Alright, crafters, it’s time to get serious. We understand that hoarding vinyl is completely normal which is why we are here to help you get ideas on how to organize it! It’s okay to collect every color of HTV & adhesive vinyl because you never know when that one customer that will ask you for a purple that matches a stuffed animal they have had since they were little ;) Okay, okay you get the point.

So let’s learn how to organize our vinyl! After trial and error and lots of research with our favorite people (our customers), we have compiled a few ideas for your craft room.

Here are our top 5 (at the moment)!

 1. IKEA Plastic Bag Holders

Probably the most popular option for quick storage of your heat transfer vinyl sheets at the moment is the IKEA plastic bag holders. Yes, I put the words “quick” and “IKEA” in the same sentence. This one product is extremely versatile; you can leave it standing on a table or even hang it on the wall. This makes the colors easy to find so that you can get to crafting immediately. 



 2. Hanging Crates

If you are limited to space or just want to add a design element to your walls I would suggest a hanging option. Palette crates or any other storage bins will work just fine, you could even mix and match with circular shapes too like a PVC pipe to add dimension. Mount your bins to a piece of wood in any pattern you wish making sure the bottom of the bin is flat on the wood. Hang the wood directly to the wall making sure you consider the height that would be most comfortable for you to reach. The last thing you want is to hang your storage on the wall and realize you cannot easily access your htv or adhesive vinyl sheets. The layout design is completely up to you and what compartments you are looking for. The great thing about this is that once complete not only will it function the way YOU want it but it will also be part of your décor!


3. Over the Door Shoe Rack

This option is perfect for those crafters that need a quick fix! Almost all are under $20 and have an average of 24 compartments to hold plenty of colors! Roll all the same sheets together with the color facing out so that you can grab what you need without having to dig for it. For all you Amazon prime membership holders, I have given you a head start:



 4. Rolling Cart with Closed Drawers

For those of you have a little more floor space to use, I would recommend a closed shelving unit that rolls! The vinyl can be organized in each shelf based on type or color and you can even use your adhesive vinyl to label the outside. This is a great piece of furniture that can easily be moved around the room for those who rearrange that craft room every day. Don’t worry, I am guilty too! 

For full sheets:

Half Cabinet with Drawers

For your scraps you can use smaller drawers:

Multi-Drawer Cabinet

 5. Standing Shoe or Wine Rack

There are so many options for shoe and wine organizers, all of which are perfect to display vinyl. Depending on how much vinyl you have or are wishing to get, you could even half one that goes all the way to the ceiling. The square slots are great to store your rolled vinyl and once again is super easy to see the colors. 

We hope this information will come in handy when you make your next attempt at cleaning that craft room. It really does feel great to get everything organized and gives you even more time to create. I promise we are all in this together! So start building and share with us your completed organizers!



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