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Introducing Printed Transfers!

Introducing Printed Transfers!

Have you ever been working on a complicated layered design and wished that there was a simpler way to get the same effect? Well, we just added a new addition to the Happy Crafters family that may just save you a few headaches.

Printed Transfers are the newest product in our line of heat transfer materials and they are an excellent way to offer either a complete design in one step or a base on which to layer other designs. Currently we have ten fun designs to choose from, but the possibilities in combination with our heat transfer vinyl are endless! For this example we are using our "I'm Fluent in Emoji" design.


For this blog we used our iron at home to apply these transfers, however we do recommend using a heat press if you have access to one. Each area of the design needs to have thirty seconds of heat and pressure applied to it at 285 degrees for the design to be properly adhered to your material.



Having a Teflon sheet handy will be a good idea for the iron-on method to assure that you don’t burn any of your garments! Remember – pressure is key! Ironing these designs like you would iron a wrinkled blouse won’t quite do the trick.

Make sure to keep in mind the surface in which you will be working. A granite countertop may seem like the ideal location to work however it will absorb all the heat from your iron instead of the transfer! An ironing board would also sound like a logical option but the pressure could potentially cause the board to collapse and well…I’m sure you can imagine why that wouldn’t be the safest scenario. We have found that the best materials to work on are heavy plastic or wood tables. They allow just the right amount of heat to stick around for the transfer material to do what it’s meant to while remaining sturdy enough for pressure to be applied.


After you have applied heat and pressure you should be careful while removing the backing. If you find that bits of your design did not fully transfer (as was the case for our edges here) you can lay the partially removed backing back down and give those areas some extra attention with your iron.



Just like that, you’ve got yourself a quick and colorful design! There are plenty of possibilities with these Printed Transfers – get creative and see what happens! If you end up doing having a fun iron-on party send us some photos (or an invite!). We’d love to see what you come up with.

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