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July HTV Subscription Box Project Inspiration

July HTV Subscription Box Project Inspiration

“Too Cool for Back to School” is the theme of this month’s subscription box and we hope that you enjoy all of these fun colors, patterns and cut files as much as we loved curating them for you! The sky is the limit when it comes to crafting with HTV, but if you need a little help getting some ideas for what to do with all of this new vinyl – we’ve got you covered!

 1. Sports Jersey

applying htv jerseys

Happy Crafters™ Mesh is a new product that we are previewing in our Subscription boxes! Use this handy material on mesh jerseys or basketball shorts. Show your support for the home team or customize a jersey with the name or number of your favorite player!

2. Out of This World Raglan

pattern htv

This super fun space pattern is perfect for field trips to the science museum, date night to the planetarium, or going to the midnight premiere for your favorite science fiction movie series! It’s bright, colorful and a little retro so we paired it with this super cool retro font to make a design that really is out of this world!  This pattern is exclusive to our July subscription box so grab it while you can! We’ve also included a sheet of HTV mask to use with this. If you’ve never worked with our HTV patterns you can learn how to do it here!

Smarty Pants Tote

applying htv tote

This layered design is too cute and makes an excellent tote to carry books, graded papers, or craft supplies! Layering Siser® Easyweed® is easy to do, but if you need a little refresher on layering then check out this blog!

Saturn Monogram

siser holographic htv

Siser® Holographic Pearl is one of my all-time favorite types of HTV and I am so excited that it’s included in this box for you to try! It is shiny, colorful, and translucent making it really great for creative layered designs. Paired here with Siser® Easyweed® Electric in Silver Lens (also included in your box) it creates a really neat futuristic look. 

Unicorn Pencil Bag

htv pencil case

Pencil bags are such a great multipurpose item. They make a great back to school item or teacher gift, they can hold your craft supplies, or they can be used as a makeup bag! Mixed with this fun cut file, this project is perfect for any unicorn crazy students getting ready to return to class in the fall. Use this shiny shimmering HTV combination to add another level of magic to your project!

School Spirit Backpack

applying htv backpack

I personally own this backpack and love it to pieces. For under $10 these things are really high quality and are perfect for customizing. For this project we used the Lemon Sugar Siser® Glitter included in your box to deck out this bag in some school spirit. Make sure to use a pressing pillow when applying vinyl to a backpack or anything with lots of zippers and seams.

CuTe Periodic Table Fanny Pack

  • Project Difficulty: HTV Pro
  • Exclusive Rainbow Notebook HTV Pattern (included)
  • HTV Mask (included)
  • Fanny Pack
  • Pressing Pillow
  • CuTe Periodic Table Cut File (included)       

applying htv fanny pack

This pattern is one of our all-time favorites! Exclusive to this box, we combined it here with one of the included cut files and put it all together on the fanny pack that was included in May’s Subscription box! As with the backpack, always be patient and use a pressing pillow when applying HTV to items with zippers and creases like this. 

Rainbow Narwhal Tank

siser rainbow holographic htv

This Rainbow Holographic is gorgeous and you’ll be excited to use it for all kinds of future crafts! It looks amazing in any mandala design, but be warned, this is a weeding challenge for only the bravest of crafters!


We’re really excited to see all of the fun projects that you guys will make with this box. Please feel free to share any projects that you’ve made by tagging us on Instagram! If you have any questions concerning your subscription or any of the materials in the box, send us an email at hello@happycrafters.com or call us at 1.888.888.4154.


Until next time!


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7/17/2018 4:25 PM
I NEED that space adventure htv. Ya'll should stock it, so I can buy it!
7/20/2018 9:12 AM
Hi Sarah! We may in the future but right now its exclusive to this subscription box. :)