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Mess-Free Egg Decorating (with cut file!)

Mess-Free Egg Decorating (with cut file!)

Hi everyone, Elisha here!

With Easter quickly approaching, the one tradition that my family always looks forward to is egg decorating. It is such a fun and creative activity for everyone involved,but inevitably leads to one thing – A MESS! The amount of hours that I have spent trying to get my kitchen to smell like anything but vinegar are only surpassed by the number of those little egg dippers tossed away forever. But we here at Happy Crafters propose a solution that may change your life (and kitchen) forever.


I present to you:





That’s right, this re-usable solution means no more one-time use kits or permanent vinegar smell. For this project I used a set of plastic Easter eggs that I picked up for $1, but this is the perfect opportunity to use up some of those spare eggs built up from past Easters.








For this project I used our Pattern of the Week from the 2nd week of March. This bright pattern was perfect for giving these eggs a fun look, but any adhesive vinyl will work!



I cut out a variety of cute shapes, but this is a great opportunity to customize! A child’s initials or a favorite character would make this project extra special for them. Personally, I would love some superhero eggs in my Easter basket. Batman is way cooler than bunnies.

The key to your designs is to keep the curved shape of the egg in mind. You’ll want to avoid particularly large and rigid shapes.



Applying these shapes is the fun part! Feel free to encourage your master egg decorators to mix and match shapes. I like to think of this project like a three-dimensional sticker book. The important thing to remember in applying slightly larger designs is to apply pressure from the center and to move outward. This will prevent bubbles and creases.


The awesome thing about decorating plastic eggs like this opposed to the traditional way is that they stand up to the elements and little hands pretty well! Try filling your newly decorated eggs with candy and hiding them outside. Kids will love finding their new creations almost as much as they’ll love finding the goodies hidden inside.




Here is a free CUT FILE that I've made just for you guys! I would love to see what you all come up with for this project! If you make some eggs that you can’t wait to share with the world, leave us a comment here, our Facebook page, or tag us on Twitter or Instagram!





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4/9/2017 2:30 PM
These are so cute.  Thank you!!