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Quick Leather Journal with Craft Perfect HTV

Quick Leather Journal with Craft Perfect HTV

Last week I picked up a super cute but plain leather journal on Amazon. Being obsessed with htv, of course, I knew this journal needed to be spiced up a bit. I knew that I would be able to use our Craft Perfect Heat Transfer Vinyl since the journal was leather. The hard part was picking a design! When in doubt, monogram it! I created a monogram that is a spin on my logo to make it even more personal.

I started by pulling my logo into Silhouette Studio. Once I had the logo loaded in, I selected my trace area. Since I only wanted the diamond part, I only selected that area. I unchecked high pass since this was a fairly simple design. Once I added my monogram, I decided it needed a little something more. I found a free silhouette of a paper airplane and trail. I was able to bring that into Silhouette Studio and trace as well. 

After cutting my heat transfer vinyl, I weeded out the cavities and was ready to apply. I chose to use the Pink Heat Press to apply my htv. This way, I wouldn't have to worry about any pressure issues with my leather journal. The Craft Perfect HTV applies at 305° F for 15 seconds. 


After pressing, I peeled my design hot. Craft Perfect peels hot or cold, but I was way too impatient to peel this cold. :) Now, this plain leather notebook stands out, is personalized, and everyone loves it! 


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