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Using Vinyl Scraps to Create a Custom Dress

Using Vinyl Scraps to Create a Custom Dress

My favorite thing about using heat transfer vinyl is that it can be used for SO much more than just t-shirts. With summer on its way, I decided that a new colorful dress would be a great project choice. I’ve been seeing so many adorable llama and alpaca designs around lately that I decided to try making one of my own!

What You Need:

Scraps of Heat Transfer Vinyl (We used scraps of Craft Perfect™ HTV)

Silhouette Cameo® 3 Vinyl Cutter

Silhouette Studio

Weeder Tool

Pink Heat Press



I always have a TON of vinyl scraps lying around so for this project I decided to do some cleaning and use up my HTV scraps. When planning my designs in Silhouette Studio I placed them to match the shape of each scrap piece.  


For this project, I used our Craft Perfect™ HTV in Neon Purple, Pineapple, Razzmatazz, Seafoam, and Sharp Cheddar. After running each color through the Silhouette, I used scissors to cut each piece out to get an accurate placement on the dress. 


Once I had my designs cut and weeded, I was able to lay them out on the dress where I wanted. The hem of the dress took 4 separate presses to cover all the fabric, but luckily it was easy to position the skirt onto the heat press! I also chose to add a little bit of color to the neckline to pull the whole thing together. Remember to be careful when pressing near seams! If you can’t get the seam off the press, you may have trouble getting it to apply.


 Since Craft Perfect HTV is stretchable, the dress can stretch without worrying about the vinyl cracking or peeling.


Overall this project was super fun and easy and I really loved finding such a great use for some of my Craft Perfect™ htv scraps. If you’re interested in giving this project a shot or want to try making other fun alpaca themed crafts I’ve included a couple of cut files here for you to use! If you make something that you absolutely love make sure to share in our comments, on Facebook, or tag us on Instagram or Twitter!


Until next time!


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