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What is a Heat Press Pillow & Do I Need One?

What is a Heat Press Pillow & Do I Need One?

What is a heat transfer pillow?

Heat press pillow, heat transfer pillow, heat printing pillow -whatever name you might stumble across – is a soft foam square that is completely enclosed in a nonstick fabric.


What do they do?

Heat press pillows go inside shirts or under surfaces that you are heat applying vinyl onto. They allow thick seams, zippers, buttons, pockets, collars, and other burdens to be absorbed into the pillow so that you can get an even pressure to apply your vinyl. Vinyl sticks best when you use the perfect “recipe” and pressure is one of the key ingredients!


Do I really need heat press pillows?

Yes, and no. When someone asks me why their vinyl isn’t sticking to their shirt I usually have a series of questions that I ask to figure out why. Several of those questions are so that I can see if a heat press pillow is needed to fix the problem. So no, you don’t ALWAYS need one but they are super handy and I think should be kept on hand in every size. That is especially true if you are selling your vinyl goods as a business! Chances are if you’re pressing a tank top, a onesie, a bag, or something that isn’t a standard t-shirt, a heat transfer pillow could make your life easier.


When might I use a heat transfer pillow?

Think about onesies and how they have those super thick seams on the shoulders. If you insert a heat press pillow inside of the onesie, you can put your vinyl on the front of it without those seams taking away from the pressure that is hitting the vinyl itself! Without the pillow, you might get it to stick but after a wash or two, you may get some peeling in the corner of the design where you didn’t get enough pressure. Polo shirts, backpacks, drawstring hoodies, hoodie pockets, or cinch bottom sweatpants might all be other instances where you would need to use a heat pillow.



How long do they last?

Basically forever! If you manage to burn or damage one in normal everyday use, please make sure you tell me how you did it! We’re always here to help.


So, you’re asking “Where can I buy these magical pillows?” Happy Crafters has you covered, of course. If you’re just starting out and don’t want to buy one of each yet, I would recommend getting sizes that will fit what you make most often. Onesies mostly? Grab a 6”x8”. Adult Tees? Definitely the 16”x20”.  Still not sure?  Shoot us an email at hello@happycrafters.com and we will lend you a helping hand! 

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