​Crafting Trend Alert: Siser® Brick® 600, Father’s Day ... ANY Day!

​Crafting Trend Alert: Siser® Brick® 600, Father’s Day ... ANY Day!

Posted by Happy Crafter, Vita on 10th Jun 2024

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes Father’s Day! At Happy Crafters, we needed a trendy, manly’ish ?idea- fast. Our ever-fashionable crafter, Taylor, pointed us towards the latest craze: Trucker Baseball Caps sporting a “Girl Dad” logo. We decided to roll with this hot trend using the perfect material— Siser Brick 600 . If you’re looking for a versatile and standout heat transfer vinyl (HTV), keep reading to find out why Brick 600 might become your new go-to crafting material.

Why Choose Brick 600?

1. Stand-Alone Designs (for the Purists)

  • Cut and Weed: Simply cut and weed your design, then heat apply it onto your chosen substrate. The thickness of Brick 600 ensures that your design stands out without any additional effort.

2. Adding Some Serious Depth OR Let's Make a Patch

  • Two-Color Designs: Cut a solid shape in one color and a slogan, initials etc. in another. Stack the pieces and fuse them together. Ensure the bottom layer is a fabric that will add stability to the Patch. This technique adds depth and color contrast to your design. (PHOTO: Kortez Patch)
  • Alternatively, you can stack pieces of Brick 600 (we used 3 in our example) on top of each other using another HTV (3 layers of StripFlock® Pro) for the bottom layer with the adhesive side of the StripFlock Pro exposed so it all adheres to the baseball cap.


3. Adding Dimension

  • Mesh Impressions: Start with a base layer of Brick 600 (white OR Fl Blue) outline and “brick tiles” inside the letters. Add EasyWeed EcoStretch (purple berry OR cool aqua) to cover all “brick tiles” spelling out the word “ Siser”. Position EasyWeed Electric (cherry OR spearmint) on top of the “brick tiles”. Lastly, to create a textured look, place a piece of mesh over your entire design.

Apply firm pressure so the mesh pattern is pushed onto the entire design. Every piece that is elevated will take on the mesh pattern. Bonus: this effect remains visible even after washing.



4. The Embossed Look

  • Cover and Heat Apply: After applying your Brick 600 design to the substrate, cover it with a thin, stretchy HTV like EasyWeed® EcoStretch™ or EasyColor™ DirectToVinyl™ (and while supplies last, in our Clearance section: EasyWeed Stretch). This technique gives your design an embossed, luxurious finish

5. Laser Sharp

  • So, You Own a Laser? While we at Happy Crafters do not own a laser cutter, Stephanie from Siser NA does! She shared this photo with us showing her successes with Brick 600 and her laser. Wow!

6. Truly Handmade (using scraps)

  • Keychains & Co: Look Out! Use scissors to cut strips (or any other shape) from Brick600 and another Heat Transfer Material such as HAPPY FACE® Printed HTV Pattern. Fuse the two together using your home iron. Add a keyring, tie the two ends together forming a loop and voila: your own, distinctly YOU keychain is ready to go.


Crafty Tips for Using Brick 600

  • Heat Application: Due to its thickness, it’s best to turn the substrate inside out when heat applying. This ensures direct heat transfer to the adhesive.
  • Avoid Finest Details: Brick 600 comes on a non-pressure sensitive carrier, so intricate designs may fall off. Stick to bolder, simpler designs for the best results.
  • Cutting Precision: Use a newer 60-degree blade when cutting with a cutter. The sharper tip helps achieve precise cuts. Having said that, we know of some people who have had success using a 45-degree blade and their Brother® ScanNCut.

Extra Benefits of Brick 600

  • Safety Certified: CPSIA and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, making it safe for decorating children's clothing and accessories.
  • Thick and Durable: At 600 microns thick, Brick 600 is flexible yet sturdy, perfect for smaller logos and designs that need extra dimension.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for caps, bags, and left chest logos. Its semi-gloss finish adds a professional touch to any project.
  • Laser Cuttable: Can be precisely cut using a laser, adding to its versatility.

Final Thoughts

From thin to thick, all materials have their place in garment decorating. Siser’s Brick 600 offers a unique way to add dimension and interest to your designs. Whether you’re crafting for Father’s Day or any other occasion, consider giving your projects a standout look with Brick 600.

Happy crafting!