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Where I've Been Travel Map Vinyl Project

Where I've Been Travel Map Vinyl Project

Creating your own customized map of all the places you have traveled through or visited is a super fun Cricut or Silhouette project. You can really make it your own by using different colors of vinyl, substrates that the vinyl is applied on, patterns, quotes, or sayings. Using vinyl to make a map of all of the places you’ve been is a fun way to get your family involved in your crafting addiction too! Get the kids excited about marking off family vacay destinations after a trip. This project also makes a great gift if left blank and ready for the gift receiver to fill out.

Reversible Porch Sign with Adhesive Vinyl

Reversible Porch Sign with Adhesive Vinyl

Ever since buying our house, our porch has seemed a little bare, but I hate finding a place to store large home decorations, even if we have the space for it. Knowing all of this, I knew the best thing would be to create something that had a dual purpose for our porch. I settled on a wooden reversible porch sign that featured a winter design as well as a year-round, welcome design. Now, our porch will look great all year, and I’ll never have to dig for this 6’ board in my basement. ;)