Reusable Cover Sheet 18"x20"

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Crafters, tired of iron residue ruining your projects? Shield your designs with our cover sheet! Prevent messy buildup on your heat press & iron and ensure smooth finishes. Size: 18"x20".

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Have you ever ironed something on and then realized there was residue on your iron that is now on your material? What about when you peel the plastic off your new item but some of the edges come up?

This Reusable Cover Sheet is a great way to protect your design from the direct heat of your iron or heat press, and to protect your material from any buildup on your iron or heat press.

Place your design on the substrate, then place the Reusable Cover Sheet over top. Iron or heat press as usual. Once you peel off the plastic carrier, place this Reusable Cover Sheet back over the design and press it again for a few seconds to seal any edges and give the heat seal material a smooth finish.

  • Sheet size is 18"x20"
  • Protects graphics and materials during heat application


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