A Tribute to Memorial Day

A Tribute to Memorial Day

5th Jun 2023

Happy May!

For me, many things come to mind when I think about this month - longer days, brighter skies, warmer weather! I think of birds chirping, flowers blooming and the unofficial “kick off” to summer that’s headed our way Memorial Day weekend.

While Memorial Day weekend has become synonymous with the start of beach days and family vacations, it’s important to remember that it’s also a time meant for reflection and remembrance.

That being said, something else comes to mind, a poem ingrained into my memory by schoolteachers growing up: “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae.

Written in 1915, this poem was quoted as a way to memorialize and honor fallen military men and women lost in service. With its opening line, this poem depicts the true meaning of what this holiday is meant to represent: A field of red poppies, each symbolizing a soldiers’ ultimate sacrifice.

Last month, our Pattern of the Month was our tribute to remembering the origins of Memorial Day. Using this very pattern, we created a special project that we wanted to share.

This project, albeit a bit heavier than usual, also carries the beauty of remembering and our gratefulness to those who gave their lives.

In saying that, grab your weeder and let’s get crafty!

Materials Used

  • Substrate – Reusable shopping tote
  • HTV
    • Siser® EasyWeed® Matte Black
    • Siser® StripFlock® Pro Bright Red, Turquoise
    • Happy Crafters® Pattern of the Month: April | Poppy
  • Weeding Tool
  • Cover Sheet or Parchment Paper
  • Heat Press or Home Iron

Application Instructions

Temperature: 305°F

Pressure: Medium

Time: 10-15 seconds for final full application

*Although we do advertise an application temperature of 310°F for StripFlock Pro, 305°F will suffice as the base temperature since we are applying several layers, ensuring adequate heat to active the adhesive.

Did you know: ALL Happy Crafters Patterns are now pre-masked and formulated with UV inks, making prints brighter and richer!

Some are also available in two ratios - giving you even more options to get creative with your design.

First things first!

Do a quick preheat of your substrate for 2-3 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture before application.

Now We’re ready!

The design for this project is comprised of multiple layers: EasyWeed Matte, Happy Crafters Pattern of the Month Poppy and StripFlock Pro.

To get started, position your first base layer (EasyWeed Matte Black) in the center of the bag.

Once centered, press for a quick 2-3 seconds to tack in place.

With EasyWeed Matte being a warm or cold peel, we can remove the carrier immediately after tacking down.

Next, position your second layer (Happy Crafters Pattern of the Month: April | Poppy), and tack for another 2-3 seconds.

Peel warm.

Now let’s add some dimension!

Starting with the beginning of the quote, position your first StripFlock Pro layer above and the remainder of the quote below the Pattern of the Month on top of the EasyWeed Matte Black.

To help with centering my bottom piece, I used three fingers to gauge each side – making it easier to center accurately.

Next, position the StripFlock Pro Poppies on top of the EasyWeed Matte Black.

Make sure the carriers of each poppy don’t overlap!

With our StripFlock Pro pieces in place, press for a quick 2-3 seconds to tack them in place.

Peel the carriers – warm - off the StripFlock Pro

Now we’re ready for the full application!

Placing the bag on the heat press, make sure the seams are off the platen, as you’ll want to create even pressure.

Place your cover sheet over the entire design and press for a full 15 seconds to finish the project.

Drumroll, please - this multi layered beautifully dimensional design is complete!

This project was a special one for me, and I will be taking this tote along on my travels this weekend as my own subtle reminder of the holiday.

We would love to hear what YOU have been working on - what you have created as your own Memorial Day tribute.

Send us an email to

Thank you for crafting with us!

Your spirited Happy Crafter,