Help – my Puff won’t Fluff!

Help – my Puff won’t Fluff!

Posted by Vivid Happy Crafter Vita on 6th Oct 2023

When Siser® launched Easy® Puff we were super excited - it IS a fun product! Available in 21 colors and let’s face it, it’s a feast for the senses: Soft, uber-raised, bold colors – unique!

If only it would do what we want it to do, every time we set out to apply it, right? Sometimes it fluffs up more, sometimes less, sometimes it looks bumpy, other times somewhat smooth, then again, very smooth … if you have worked with this material, you know what I’m talking about.

Some general guidelines, before I get to the “hack”: the textile you’re decorating will influence how Easy Puff “behaves”: smoother substrate = smoother result.

Pressure is key! Easy Puff requires firm pressure at juuust the right temperature (start at 280 Fahrenheit) for juuust the right amount of time (the sweet spot lies somewhere between 8-10s).

Add another crucial fact: Easy Puff doesn’t do well when heat pressed more than once. We’ve seen it work but for consistency’s sake try to avoid pressing Easy Puff twice, as it could have the adverse effect and – irreversibly – flatten.

So much for the standard guidelines that you’ll find on our Application Instructions.

THE (Easy®) Puff Hack!

On to the time and frustration saving HACK that guarantees smooth, extra puffy, fluffy, super raised, soft results - every time.

In one word: StripFlock® Pro.

Spelled out:

  • Cut your design using StripFlock Pro AND Easy Puff.
  • Give the substrate a good whack for 3-5 seconds to remove wrinkles and possible moisture.
  • Position and apply Stripflock Pro. Peel carrier.

  • Place Easy Puff on top, using firm pressure, apply. Peel carrier.

  • Perfect. Smooth. Raised. Done!

And if you’re looking for a feast of the senses, and your design incorporates several design elements that deserve a standing ovation: show flock next to puff, next to puff on flock …