Take this one to the … Washing Machine!

Take this one to the … Washing Machine!

Posted by "green" Happy Crafter Vita on 22nd Mar 2024

It’s March and a few Happy Crafters were talking about our next sale. Regulars know: every other week we run a sale for one of our products. With Earth Day coming up April 22nd, we knew it would be EasyWeed® EcoStretch™ we’d run the sale on. However, for this blog we decided to change things up a little and share our project from October of last year with you.

In the Fall of last year, we thought we’d try something new: research biodegradable laundry detergents, perform laundering tests, and share our findings with the companies whose products we put to the test. The timing was perfect, as we were told that Siser® was launching their EasyWeed EcoStretch soon.

ECOS and Kind Laundry were the two companies we chose. We used their logos and company colors, decorated ‘green’ t-shirts from Bella and Canvas and allmade and started the laundering process. 25 cycles, warm water, standard settings on a front loader. Low heat, tumble-dry after each laundering.

The results were amazing: the shirts kept their shape and color and (more importantly to us): EasyWeed EcoStretch looked and adhered as if they had come fresh off the press! All excited we sent the two companies a “set” of tested shirts (one washed 25 times, one decorated and never laundered) asking if they’d be interested to donate a sheet/pod and we’d add it to each sale of EasyWeed EcoStretch.

Sadly, Kind Laundry never replied to our efforts. Bummer, we know. However: ECOS came through and did reply very recently and we are working on something extra fun and special for you, stay tuned! 

                Pictured above, our in-house test: no fading, cracking or lifting.

The “green” Star – EasyWeed EcoStretch

We can’t stress this enough: EasyWeed EcoStretch was developed with the environment in mind! Water-based inks, low temperature needed to activate the adhesive which saves energy, and even the carrier is recyclable.

It doesn’t hurt that there are 35 colors available (with more in the pipeline, we are being told), that are so, so very easy to craft with and (drumroll, please) this heat transfer material is begging to be layered! Look at the Winnie-the-Pooh Earth-Day bag we made: three layers of super fine detail and nobody broke into a sweat, pinky-swear!




And, since this blog post is about sharing experience and spreading the word, we want to offer you something for nothing to encourage you to spread the message: if you like the Winnie-the-Pooh design, send us an email and we’ll gladly share our Leonardo™ Design Studio / .svg cut file with you!

After all: going green, raising awareness, evoking change … might just start with one Winnie-the-Pooh design?