Happy Crafters® Two Step Foil - 12" Roll

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Two Step Foil: Create dazzling, unique designs with ease! Dual-step process using vibrant colors with a shiny finish – distinctly You - every time.

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Introducing the “Zero Stress Distressed Look”

This one is not for the coy: with many attention-grabbing colors in an array of different designs, our 2-Step Foils grab anyone’s attention.

But why are they called “2-Step” foils? We’re glad you asked. It all starts with the first layer, Siser’s EasyWeed® Adhesive. Cut your design, heat apply it to your substrate.

Next: place a piece of a 2-Step Foil on top of the EasyWeed Adhesive, apply. The foil will magically only stick to the adhesive. Now, you could stop here and enjoy your creation ...

For those who want to create a distressed look, try this: after applying EasyWeed Adhesive, crumble a piece of foil into a ball, open it up, apply it. Then add a second layer of foil atop the first layer; finished is your distressed-look design, minus the frustrating part of weeding super thin foil!  

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